Baytmade is an online marketplace in the UAE where small businesses and independent brands can sell their creations online. After creating a sellers account you will be able to add products, edit your profile, and check your shop analytics. When an order is placed in your shop you will recieve a notification, after that you just need to select a date and time for delivery and we will arrange pickup and delivery from your place to the customer. We handle all payment and delivery: We deliver to all 7 emirates. You can open your account, add products and start selling all within the same day.You can open your shop on Baytmade for free and our only fee is a 10% sales commission on orders through the site. Once an order is delivered the seller recieves their payment within 3 days of delivery via bank transfer.
You can add products in just a few minutes... To add products go to: Products> Products Listing> Add Product and fill in the required fields.
You only need to fill in the Product Name - Description - Price - Quantity Available - Image - and select a Category for your products.
Once you list at least 2 products your shop will appear on the brands section of Baytmade.
Once an order is placed you will recieve an email to notify you and we will contact you through whatsapp so you can choose a delivery date and time. Then we will arrange delivery for free from your place to the customer. Once delivery is confirmed your order will be picked up from your place and delivered to the customer.
Customers can make payments through the site online. We will send you the order payment within 3 days after the customer recieves their order via bank transfer.
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